1904 Founding of Forster Willi & Co by Conrad Forster-Willi
1944 Transfer to the 2nd generation: Willi Forster
1965 Transfer to the 3rd generation: Peter, Ueli and Tobias Forster
1972 Conversion into a corporation, Ueli Forster, Chairman of the Board since
1988 Acquisition and successive integration of Jacob Rohner AG in Rebstein, Switzerland
1992 Merger of Forster Willi AG and Jacob Rohner AG into Forster Rohner AG
1994 Joint venture: founding of the MFN Company in Suzhou, China
2000 Founding of the SED facility (Suzhou Embroidery Dyeing) in China
2001 Entry of the 4th generation: represented by Emanuel Forster
2001 Acquisition of a controlling share in the Inter-Spitzen Company in Oberbüren, Switzerland and its subsidiary in Romania
2003 Expansion and modernization of Forster Rohner (Suzhou) Embroidery in China: doubling of capacity
2003 Expansion of Inter-Spitzen in Romania
2004 Founding of Forster Rohner (Hong Kong) Ltd as a sales organization in Hong Kong
2004 Initial productive operation of a modern 5-chamber tentering machine at SED
2007 Emanuel Forster takes over the operative management of Forster Rohner AG. Caroline Forster takes over the leadership of Inter-Spitzen SA.
2008 Rebuilding of the head quarters in St. Gallen into a compact plant with modern rooms and a library with more than 400,000 embroidery designs of two centuries.